Our Impact

Offering an equal playing field of exposure to non-profits through hosted events.  Encouraging continuous training and development of the philanthropic community through knowledge on industry best practices including but not limited to:


All Charities Count Foundation promotes the development of a comprehensive fundraising strategy that is sustainable throughout the life of your organization. Given that money is a core component of operating a successful organization, fundraising strategies are critical to achieving the mission of your cause.


Volunteers are the best advocates of any organization. Volunteers are the backbone of the grassroots of any organization.  How to attract, recruit and maintain the interest of a volunteer matters to the success of your organization.  Developing a strategy for recruiting and retaining volunteers is another component of organizational success.

Equal Exposure

Many small organizations do not obtain equal media exposure due to their lack of resources. All Charities Count Foundation will host events that encourages participation of organizations of all sizes. Events will be designed to provide equal exposure from members of society.

Leadership Training

A successful organization is rooted in the type of Leaders running the organization. All leaders know that they must continue to learn and adapt to ever changing environments.  All Charities Count Foundation will host leadership and training conferences to assist leaders with continuing education of the philanthropic industry.


Attracting Corporate Partners to your cause can be a daunting task, however with the right strategy and a mission that aligns with a specific type of corporation your organization can achieve this goal. Research, Strategy and Delivering on your organization mission increases your odds of success.


The All Charities Count Foundation will partner with other Trusted Sources of data to provide a ONE STOP SHOP of supportive, accurate and valid data for the philanthropic community.


Our Management Team

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